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Pucker Up Pink Silly Soap


Pucker Up Pink is truly our fur-fru girl fragrance. It smells like cotton candy and toasted marshmallows! This one is a favorite for P.C. Soap fans. Grown-ups love this one!

Quick Tip: Silly Soap is REAL soap! It actually last and lasts. It doesn't melt away like some moldable soaps. It is meant to be used in the water. It will have a slight tack until it's initial dunk in the tub or shower. Let the heat of your hands warm Silly Soap and mold it into your favorite shapes. Bathe with it as you would a normal bar of soap and place on a well-drained soap dish after use. Mold it over and over! Silly Soap is not tear-free and is recommended for children over 3 years old. Remember, never leave small children unsupervised in the bath.

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