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The Fresh Lemongrass Collection

By far our best selling line. This is a must for every kitchen!
This liquid hand-soap removes pesky cooking smells from hands
such as, garlic, onions and seafood.

Perfumed Candle Classics

Try our classic perfumed candle and you
will not be disappointed. Each candle is
hand-poured and made from the finest
blend of paraffin wax and provide intense
fragrance throw creating ambiance as well
as amazing aromatherapy.

New! P.C. Illuminations Wood Wick Candles

The P.C. Soap Co. would like to introduce you to our
latest line of candles. P.C. Illuminations. These beauti-
fully hand-poured candles feature our 'crackling' wood
wick that produces a pleasant crackling and popping
while projecting an amazing scent throw throughout
the room.

They come in a variety of beautiful scents and colors.

P.C. Illuminations was just featured on GMA's Deals &
Perfumed Travel Candles

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