Cupcakes & Macaroons, Bubbles & Bath Bombs!

Cupcakes & Macaroons, Bubbles & Bath Bombs!


Hello again! Well, goodness knows I am not a cake decorator by profession. But, I have been very guilty of creating soaps, bath bombs and various other bath and body products that strongly resemble food. So much so, that my family and friends ALWAYS ask me before taking a bite, "Wait, is this soap?"  The cake above is a Bridal Shower cake I whipped together for a friend.  This was a really fun cake to bake. By the way....I don't eat cake! I know, you are probably thinking, "Why?". I can't really tell you why other than I really don't eat sweets very often.


This particular cake is made with rolled fondant and buttercream frosting. It has sugar shells and my favorite part, sugar coral.  The beach towels were so cute and fun to make. They were also made from rolled fondant and I used kitchen sheers to snip the little fringe around the bottom. I even put the bride and groom's monogram on these! I have found a couple of links from fellow bloggers that I thought you might like to see.

Here's a great blog on how to make your own rolled fondant:

This one is a very good tutorial on how to create the sugar coral. I didn't use colorants in mine. However, I did slightly overcook the sugar so that I managed to get these natural shades.  Take a look at how it's done here:


Now Let's Get To The Guilt-Free Stuff!

Back to what I was saying. I am known for making many, many bath and body products that look like you stepped into a bakery instead of a bath tub. 

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These beauties all make fantastic party favors and hostess gifts! Hope you enjoy!









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