Bubbly-Fizzy Bath Time Fun!

Bubbly-Fizzy Bath Time Fun!

As many of you know. Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars have become the new 'In Thing'. Well The P.C. Soap Company has been making these beautiful and fun 'Bath Confections' for around 15 years now.  Proving that everything goes full circle! 

We love our little Bubbling Bath Cupcakes. We have improved the formula and customers can't say enough about them! Not only are they a guilt-free indulgence, they are rich, and moisturizing to the skin. The cupcake is a fizzing bath bomb, loaded with skin softening emollients and, the 'frosting' is a bubbly, foaming, sugary, bubble bath! Pop the frosting off and disperse under running water to create a decadent bubble bath. Drop the bottom in and enjoy lush moisturizing emollients that soothe the skin. By the way...you are going to smell amazing and your skin will glow!

Well we didn't stop there. Take a look at our adorable Bath Macaroons! The same concept. Rich moisturizing emollients, bubbles and elegant fragrance. Fun!

My personal favorite are our Bath Bombs. The Mega Bombs are the size of a baseball and loaded with skin smoothing oils and lush fragrance. Pop one of these bad boys in a full bath and watch as it spins and fizzes, releasing rich, skin softening emollients, while make your entire room smell amazing...and YOU! LOVE!

One of my favorites is the Voodoo! Sultry and mysterious.  Cast a spell on the people around you because, this Bomb is the Bomb!

Best EVER! 


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