Who Inspired Our Latest Bath Bombs?

Who Inspired Our Latest Bath Bombs?

I have been creating bath products and loving every minute of it for over 15 years. However, even the best of the best of artists and creative-types hit a wall once in a while.  That is why I bring in my best inspirational forces. I have recently been inspired by two of my favorite shall I say "younger" employees? (Doesn't take much to be younger than me!) They are a breath of fresh air and inspiration. Let me tell you a little about them.... and who including myself, are working on fun and luscious products for you!

 Meet Kayla Burton

Kayla is the Manager of my Pass Christian, MS store. She is what I like to call a Bath Bomb Diva. Long before she came into my life she was smitten with bath bombs. When I brought in a new fragrance that she adored it took her weeks of begging for me to take time to create a new bath bomb. Being overwhelmed with creating new names and so-forth...comes Kayla into the mix. "Paula, please make a bath bomb from the new fragrance. Maybe call it Mermaid -something...Mermaid Dreams?" Well, there you go! I was on it immediately and created a sparkly, fragrant and oh so colorful fizzy that is from one of our most popular scents with our most popular product...Bath Bombs! Go Figure! Since we had long decided to create a new line of Mega Bombs...Kayla inspired me to get 'on the move'. Thank you Kayla!


Meet Heather Dent

Heather is not only my National Sales Manager but, none other than my first born! Heather is actually the inspiration for this entire company. She came to me one Christmas and asked me to provide Christmas gifts for her friends and teachers. Thus, the birth of The Pass Christian Soap Co. 

Heather has worked beside me for 16 years and knows just about everything you need to know about the company and it's products.  She is a great sounding board and gets input from our wholesale and retail customers on a daily basis. Since we re-launched the Mega Bath Bomb line we have constantly been working on new and exciting ideas. 

Heather, hearing and listening to her retail store owners, suggested a holiday bath bomb. Along comes the idea of a 'snowball' or 'frosty' bath bomb. Again, I get to it and now I present to you The Blizzard Bliss Sparkling Mega Bath Bomb! Just in time for the holidays and your stockings! 


Look for more to come soon!


A Big Thank You To My Girls!

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Bid On P.C. Soap and help your furry friends.

Bid On P.C. Soap and help your furry friends.

Hey Guys! Yes...It's that time again. It's time to pull out your wallets and fancy purses! Let's bid on these wonderful items and help our favorite little friends. Not only will you have the opportunity to bring home some of the COOLEST items, you will help support the Humane Society of South Mississippi. 

If you have never visited this fabulous facility ... well, you've missed out! But, I am warning you now... you may not leave alone. Check out their page and the generous donations and bid away. Visit their website for more information as well. 

Visit The Humane Society of South Mississippi Website Now!

Thank you in advance ... from the bottom of my heart. 

Paula Lindsay


The P.C. Soap Co.

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Earn Reward Points By Liking and Sharing!

Earn Reward Points By Liking and Sharing!

Our long-awaited website has finally been launched! We will be updating the content continuously so that you have the ultimate shopping experience. You will find our FAQ page where we will be posting the most common questions and answers as well as our Blog to keep you posted on new products and instructional videos.

One of the most exciting features will be the Rewards Points program. This feature allows you to earn points that can be used for special purchases. 

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