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The P.C. Soap Company has been around for 20 years. We have recently decided to share with you some of our favorite 'Makers". We are focusing on supporting women owned businesses in the U.S.A.  Support small business by buying from us. Thank you for your years of support. - Paula Lindsay/Founder

Shelley Kyle - French Lavender Shimmer Powder Gift Box Set
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Shelley Kyle - Velvet Rose Oud Shimmer Powder Gift Box Set
Shelley Kyle - Shelley Kyle Signature Shimmer Powder
Shelley Kyle - Annabelle Shimmer Powder Gift Box Set
Shelley Kyle - Sorella Shimmer Powder Gift Box Set
Shelley Kyle - Ballerine Shimmer Powder Gift Box
Shelley Kyle - Lorelei Shimmer Powder Gift Box Set

New Arrivals!

VenetianDecor OHBABY designs and creates heirloom-quality baby clothing, bath items, gifts and home decor goods. Inspired by old-world craftsmanship and created for modern families, our collection offers useful and beautiful products that are all-natural and safe for babies. Curated and printed in Canada.

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Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

It’s true: we’re suggesting you rub charcoal on your beautiful skin! But we’re giving you this advice for a good reason, as more and more people are finding themselves thrilled with the results of adding activated charcoal to their beauty routine.
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Spring is in the air! So are the gnats and mosquitos! We have you covered.

Spring is in the air! So are the gnats and mosquitos! We have you covered.

As you well know, spring is in the air! Along with beautiful sunny days are no-see-ums that love to crash your outdoor events! Nothing can send guests fleeing from a barbeque, crawfish boil, or outdoor sporting event than gnats and mosquitos. Well, we have you covered! Our Don't Bug Me!
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The New P.C.Soap Co Retail Store

We Are Open In Our New Location In The Pass!

We have relocated to our new flagship store on Scenic Drive overlooking the Pass Christian harbor. We are excited to show you how it evolved!
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